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Ysolde and the Raiders of the Cockle Creek Lark

Stornaway owner Michael Liles is about to set sail on a Tasmanian expedition – a Raid no less, called the Tawe Nunnugah 2013.

As one of a fleet of wonderful sailing craft and intrepid crews, they will sail from Cockle Creek, south west of Hobart and wend their way up the spectacularly beautiful coastal waterways, past the Huon Estuary, across the Great Bay, and on up to Hobart. There they’ll finish with a flourish of flogging canvas and a panoply of pennants triumphal. Oddly enough there’s a boat festival on as well so they’ll b a hurrahs aplenty and a hurling of hats as the brave sailors return from the sea.

Bon voyage Michael and may your luffs be tight and your rum raisin free.

Michael Liles      Ysolde

Tawe Nunnugah Raid 2013 Recherche Bay to Hobart 30 January to 8 February http://tawe-nunnegah.rforster.org/home

The Australian Wooden Boat Festival 8 to 11 February Hobart http://www.australianwoodenboatfestival.com.au/

  TN13 Map

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