A Boat on the Side

Yellow Toys

Here’s a photo of our neighbours’ carport showing a matching Scruffie 16 and Teardrop camper van.

Yellow Toys

Reiner builds the wonderful little caravans and also supplies them as kits. Very successful they are too! The Art Deco vans are an excellent example of minimalist yet stylish design. Here’s a link to his site http://www.aussieteardrops.com/

 Recently bought from the original builder, the Scruffie 16 is nearly 20 years old and she looks as good as new. Reiner is about to start upgrading the boat to current specifications, including a slightly deeper keel with more ballast, a re-profiled rudder and a bowsprit with furling genoa – the boat will then be good for a few more decades at the very least!

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