A Boat on the Side

The Ultimate Secret

- The Designer’s 20th Anniversary Legacy

Almost all of my 63 years I have worked with wood. I can vividly recall carving my first boat hull from balsa – I was about 9 or 10.

In the ensuing half century I have designed and built houses, cabinets, furniture and boats. I have learnt much and honed my skills to the point where I need to build the ultimate Secret – the designer’s cut, if you will – a Secret like no other. The boat will represent one of the pinnacles of my life’s work – I’d like her to be a little gem.

The hull will be as near to flawless as I can make her. The sails will be especially cut and sewed to optimise every breath of wind. The blocks polished hardwood and bronze, the decks first grade teak.

Mast and spars will be the closest grained Oregon and Spruce – light and strong, varnished to the colour of rich honey.

I’ll use the best hand-cut fiddleback bookended veneers for the fit-out and there’ll be polished Italian ports and nav lights too.

We’ll squeeze extra ballast into the keel and discreetly install lithium ion batteries to power the electrics.

I’ll go for the high quality German Torqeedo outboard installed in its own well or unplugged and stowed away in its own locker when under sail.

Cockpit and bunks will be upholstered with carefully chosen fabrics and contrasting piping over multi layered foam.

The ultimate Secret will breathe elegance from every inlaid panel. She will ooze allure from the polished silver star on the end of her bowsprit to the subtly carved nameplate on her rakish counter stern.

Of course she will also be the fastest Secret in the world – a fleet jewel in a turquoise sea.

Who will be the custodian of this heirloom yacht?

Call me on +61 07 5545 1015

Derek Ellard

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