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Tasmania’s Green Cathedrals Spared?

It may come as a shock to you that the huge and powerful Australian timber corporation Gunns Ltd routinely napalm bombs ancient forests in Tasmania. Thanks to the Tasmanian Green Party, The Wilderness Society and the heroic efforts of Geoffrey Cousins that is all coming to an end. The indiscriminate logging and subsequent burning of some of the world’s most important cool temperate rainforest is actually going to stop. Hopefully this will mark a turning point in Australia’s sad and ugly environmental story and we can once again hold our heads up high. We wholeheartedly support GetUp and their pioneering work for a new green democracy.

Derek Ellard 2010

And from the GetUp administration:

A truly transformative moment opening up in the 30 year struggle to protect Australia's native forests.

Would you like to be a part of it? www.getup.org.au/campaign/ForestryPrinciples

In an amazing development, the Board of Gunns Ltd no longer includes Robin Gray and John Gay, two of the biggest enemies of forestry industry reform and two of the fiercest champions of the Gunns pulp mill.

The forestry industry - in Tasmania and elsewhere - are finally recognising that their destructive practices can't continue forever. They're ready to sit down with the conservation movement, including our friends at The Wilderness Society and Environment Tasmania, to talk about transitioning to a more sustainable future.

But there are still those in industry and government resisting reform, which is why we need a show of strength to support our partners in these once in a generation talks. We need to build a mass movement -- imagine 50,000 Australians behind a set of Forestry Principles to guide the industry, retailers and all levels of government to a sustainable future:

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