A Boat on the Side

Speed Freaks II

- and now for something a shade quicker . . . . .

Check out the latest world sailing record contender, Vestas Sailrocket featured in last week’s New Scientist Magazine (18/11.) The high tech hydrofoil is aiming to break the 60knot record. If you’ve never seen footage of the record breaking French trimaran L’Hydroptère at 52.22 knots you’re in for a treat.

Vestas Sailrocket

Current Record Holder L’Hydroptère

- and now for something akin to greased lightening!

Ellardo’s 4 x 4 turbo-charged GT Zimmer Frame

* Wide track, low profile tyres!                  * State-of-the-art turbo-diesel!

* Special paintwork!                                       * Thrilling performance!

* Built-in Viagra dispenser!                          * Free Ray Bans!

- and much, much more!

Now available for only$99.99*

* proof of age may be required

Ellard’s a pensioner . . . . .  well in name only – certainly not in spirit. In October I turned sixty-five – gasp! The horror of it! What happened to the hippie child of 1968? Will I still be able to play my air guitar along the Jimi Hendrix watchtower?

It was sobering indeed to find ourselves pretty much exhausted after a day at Dreamworld with son, daughter-in-law and two lovely, lively grandchildren. A wonderful day out and Dreamworld was surprisingly nice in parts – the tigers and the steam train especially. But by 5 pm we were knackered and grateful for the blissful silence of our house on the edge of the rainforest.

So flattery, propositions, belated greetings, cards, gifts, direct money transfers and orders for new boats will all be gratefully received.

Perhaps on a more serious note, at my age (I love that phrase!!) I am forced to consider various options to ensure that Scruffie Marine not only continues but flourishes. To that end we are preparing a video presentation for interested parties who may want to be involved at any level in developing the multi-faceted Scruffie Marine Pty Ltd.

Talk to us (07) 55451 1015 or derek@scruffie.com



A Rigged Question

Question: When is a lugger a sofa?

Answer: When it’s a settee

Here’s a few quick sketches

The rig is actually something between a lugsail and a lateen and was widely used in the Mediterranean. Doesn’t quite have the romantic ring of “lateen” though . . . . .


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