A Boat on the Side

Sienna and Salad

Work continues apace on the Sienna with all the pre-fabricated components – cedar beams, lightweight timber veneered panels, cockpit coaming etc now being fitted to the hull.

It’s all very exciting – lithium batteries, solar panels and even a composting toilet have arrived at the yard as well as new owner Chris Baker. Chris has spent some time with us over the last few weeks discussing various aspects of his new boat and doing LOTS of sanding and coating to help us get the boat ready for the Sanctuary Cove Boatshow 19-22 May. See what Chris has to say about the Solar Boat Project

Meanwhile Derek has been working 24/7 and barely has time to cook my dinner – yes, that’s right, after a hard day at the yard we haul ourselves home, tired and dusty and then the miracle of my dinner happens – how he does it I don’t know! I’m not really allowed in our kitchen  . . . . . . that’s his territory. So I have no secrets to reveal but here he is flourishing the pepper grinder!


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