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New Sail Training Schooner

Last week one of our long term owners sent us a largely very positive University of Edinburgh report on the value of sail training. He also enquired about a project using our own boats. He’s been involved in outdoor education for some decades and is fully committed to the idea of getting our young people out in the real world to live real adventures. Many of our boats have been, and still are, used this way so it was with that in mind I set out to design the new Sienna. I reasoned that if the new boat was built to the exacting requirements of sail training, it would only benefit private owners.

Over time the Sienna evolved on paper to incorporate interchangeable keels to allow production of a shallow draught fully electric version and, if necessary, a centerboard model, our first ever, as it happens. The GRP moulds are for the hull and deck only, allowing for multiple fit-out options, including the version we call the Exploration Model – the sail/oar/outboard one for sail training.

Recently I designed a 65-foot schooner for world cruising but it also has commercial and sail training potential. Her hull is shallow in draught, built in steel, with aluminium and foam core upperworks, designed to be quick and sea kindly. She has a nice fine entry but generous beam and good sail carrying capacity. Her gaff rig is comprised of nine sails, including a large squaresail on a carbon fibre spar, set from the deck. Call this a square spinnaker and there’s no need for a full square rig ticketed skipper. In any event, the perfect sail for running down the Trades in the South Pacific. As a private or charter boat there’s berths for eight in four separate cabins but strip out the comfy bunks and ensuites and there’s room for at least double that number of trainees. Not for them the lazy cocktail evenings, listening to cool jazz under a velvet tropical sky – perish the thought! Stack ‘em up in canvas hammocks I say! Ships biscuit and a dose of the cat! . . . . . sorry – got carried away there!

So here she is – not the low sleek wickedly fast racer I wanted but  . . . .  sigh, something more . . . groan . . . . sensible. Preliminary sketches only at this stage but all the main details have been sorted so please feel free to order one now!

65- Foot Schooner – Designed by Derek Ellard

65-Foot Schooner Port Profile

65-Foot Schooner Deck/Deck Saloon/Aft Cabin Layout

65-Foot Schooner Below Deck Layout

Click on the link below for a PDF of the above drawings

65 Foot Schooner

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