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In good hands

There are times when those who design and build things – be they cars, bikes, boats, musical instruments, or even lawnmowers – rejoice to know that they are in good hands. For us it is always a source of great pleasure to hear about the voyages our owners undertake, especially those who are demonstrably competent sailors. Such is the case with our youngest builder Kael Kloosterman who has recently built his Shimmy 12 as a school project. His video – you can see it on our website – will lay to rest any doubts you may harbour about the future of boatbuilding and sailing. The footage is simple, yet effective, it’s just one teenager in a small boat but it speaks volumes about sailing as we imagine it should be – effortlessly enjoyable. Well done Kael and thank you for the inspiration.

Some twenty years ago I took a family out for a test sail in a brisk wind and to my surprise the father gave the helm to his youngest – a girl of around ten or eleven. “She’s the best” he said. And she was. A girl born to sail, she tacked, gybed, thrashed to windward and flew offwind with unshakable confidence and enviable poise. I hope she’s still sailing as dad didn’t buy the boat.

For those who are thinking of buying a a boat, for just under $4,000 will get you a complete 3.6-metre sea going boat in a box. Add a Protruar 2HP electric outboard, a couple of batteries and one of our rowing kits and you’re on the water without trashing the planet. You’ll also be fulfilling a primordial urge. Go to our Shimmy page on the website to see more about her features.

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