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I recently asked for details of innovative and unusual uses for our delivery crates. The crates are in four different sizes and used to pack the various smaller components sent out with our kits.

The response so far has been, shall we say, lukewarm. While there’s over 300 been sent out and we know of many different uses to which they’ve been put, one competition entry stands out – Bill Thomson in the UK has used his to make the frames for another boat. While the vessel is only part built from the crate it does earn my ingenuity star, particularly as I didn’t think of it first – bummer!

So send your entries in quickly – Bill’s will be a tough one to beat! We’re interested in entries to the following: medical or therapeutic uses, transport, and aids to marital relationships (a nice kitchen display unit perhaps?)

He could at least have recycled the pallet-wrap for the skin, though . . . .

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