A Boat on the Side

Crate Expectations!

I was unpacking one of our recycled kit crates the other day, middle son Chris had used it to ship up some surplus boat bits for us. I remembered some of the uses to which our customers had put them over the years. Once all the kit parts had been used up, of course.

Stood on end and shelves added, the favourite was the shed storage unit.

Next up was the they can carry me out in this one – assuming the proper certification procedures were followed. In my case I’d like it to slide off the deck of a hard pressed schooner bound for the Society Islands. The Captain would be required to utter the words “Crate Scott, did anyone remember to add the lead weights?”

For those who fancy a Viking send off, it could be a case of “Goodness Gracious, Crate Balls of Fire!”

But the crates have a multitude of post-kit possibilities. Their fashionable “distressed” appearance, rough sawn battens and rusty screws – no stainless here, pal - all add up to an interesting and stylish interior ensemble. Perfect for the newly decorated bedroom, your wife will love it for her new wardrobe. Better still, add some oiled cardboard boxes and it’s a shoe-inn for those special heels. Then there’s the blanket box, bulk underwear storage unit and, suitably wired, perfect for that home entertainment centre.

So, you’re not buying a kit, you’re buying a new lifestyle – an interior makeover!

Now for our special competition – the best photo of a crate reincarnated will win a bottle of bubbly and a nicely framed certificate. So send in your photos and we’ll post the best on the blog. It doesn’t matter what they’re for – that old stack of Crateful Dead Albums, your collection of antique cheese craters and so on.

So lets see some of your best crative camerawork!

Two kits, two crates, one ute, and a man on a mission!

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