A Boat on the Side

A sign of the times

A while back I was asked to do a sign for our Main Street here on Tamborine Mountain. The timber supplied was neither flat enough or of a size that could fit under the router gantry so I had carved and hand-routered it.

Main Street sign

The new one ‘Hidden Woods’ was auto machined from our artwork. First you have to select a slab of the right size and type – stable, not twisted, and thickness to a uniform size. Then the timber is placed on a bed with air suction holding it in place. The overhead router does the rest and does it very well. While I was waiting to pick up the work I had a ‘doh!’ moment – why not do small ones for boats? After all over the years we’ve supplied dozens of name boards for our boats, why not have them sign-written or carved as well? So now you can. We’ll help you decide on the type face, do the layout and have it carved into a nice piece of select timber to match your boat. Talk to us when you’re nearing the launch day and we’ll do our best to give the new girl the name plate she deserves.

Hidden Wood sign

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