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Two Shimmys To Go

We’re often asked about what’s included in our kits so with two Shimmys ordered and ready for shipment, we thought we’d show you.

Not included in the photo are the sails, ropes, chandlery, screws, gloves, hand cleaner etc, but if you look closely you can get the idea of the work that goes into manufacturing our kit sailing boats.

There are several points of interest, firstly the timber is consistently of best quality with close grained clear Douglas Fir for the spars and stringers etc. Both kits are lightweight versions so the masts are hollow, the keels laminated cedar and the stem and stern posts are also cedar as are lots of other parts. The trims are both locally grown Silky Oak and the hatches are laminated in matching timber.

As you can see, the inventories are pretty comprehensive with pretty much everything you need to build a beautiful boat for some serious voyaging.

One boat is for a private owner in northern NSW, the other is the third for a local school, Marymount in Burleigh Heads.

Marymount have a thriving sailing course, part of a very successful sports programme that has produced an Olympic medalist, no less. Bravo Marymount and thanks for the order!

Schools get special treatment, including pre-assembled keel/stem/stern backbones plus part-assembled rudders also a lightweight kit for the price of a standard one and extras such as whisker poles and hatches. There are dozens of our boats used in education and we’re proud to support them as well as we can – these kids learning to sail also learn about teamwork, patience, self confidence and much more. Get the kids out on the water, we say, and a new generation of sailors will become better adults.

Shimmy Kit 1

Shimmy Kit 3

Shimmy Kit 2

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