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Lifting our Tiller

One of the many benefits to be had from designing and building kits and boats is the satisfaction derived from implementing the many improvements to the range. The latest Stornaway kit shipped out (last week to Melbourne) incorporated a number of simple but effective improvements, chief of which was the lifting tiller fitting which was designed for the Sienna. The stainless steel shaft is simply shortened for the Stornaway and the ‘U’ shaped brackets fit both fibreglass and timber/ply composite rudders. The tiller is raised by simply removing a wing nut and fixed back in place by screwing it back on. Among the many benefits of not having a centreboard case on our remarkably spacious cockpits are the ability to comfortably lounge or dine or doze or even engage in horizontal folk dancing, so we wouldn’t want a long laminated tiller cramping our style, would we?

New Lifting Tiller Fitting

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