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The Raid Report

Michael Liles of Victoria has sent us a report on his participation in the Tawe Nunnugah Raid 2013 in Tasmania and by all accounts his Stornaway ‘Ysolde’ acquitted herself very well – here’s a few extracts from his report:

"Ysolde" performed beyond expectations. The only other comparable yacht was a Drascombe lugger with a skilled crew of three, which had the edge on us to windward on account of her centreboard, but only just; our tacking angles were quite respectable. In all other conditions, light, moderate and fresh, we usually outpaced her. Thanks to Frank, who paid more attention to sail trim than I would have done! Although he's full of ideas, suggesting every complication from lee boards to inner staysails, which I have no intention of putting into practise!

The Stornaway proved itself to me as a very seaworthy and safe vessel. On the last two days we had to contend with winds of 20 knots with frequent hard and sustained gusts of well over 25, and we never wetted the gunwales. One feature which drew increasing attention as the days went on was the dodger which kept us dry, ours being the only boat having one, while other crews were drenched with spray.

The sail symbol led us to be called "The Flying Thong".

The Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart was tremendously enjoyable. I was particularly interested in the other Stornaway on show, a beautifully fitted out and finished gaff cutter with full cabin. Both Stornaways attracted quite a bit of interest.

Congratulations Ysolde and her crew. Incidentally 25 knots is Force 6 (22-27 knots) according to Admiral Beaufort and his famous scale (1874 Edition) in which you can experience:

‘a strong breeze, large waves 8-13 foot, whitecaps common, lots of spray.’

‘That to which a well conditioned Man O’ War could just carry in chase, full and by Royals and top gallants’

‘Smacks double reef gaff mainsails’

So there you are!

Ysolde on the Raid

'Ysolde' on the Raid - photo Libor Sikora

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Fibreglass Fun!

There’s a brand new Sienna taking shape down at Lightwave Yachts – as you can see from the photos, the hull is laid up and all the principal bulkheads in place. The hull is engineered to be significantly lighter than the average, by careful use of hand-laid woven cloth and flexible foam core. She’ll be back up in our yard shortly to continue the fit-out. The new boat is, surprise, surprise, our favourite dark blue – the new owner looked at No 1 and was instantly smitten. I have to say that a dark blue hull with a crisp red boot topping, in our opinion, is very hard to beat. Geoff and his son Dan have specified tanbark sails to complete the picture.

Sienna 2 Build 1

Sienna 2 Build 2

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