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A Blokey Blog – PSST!

Yes it’s a quiche-free zone this week – power, speed, sex and testosterone (or PSST!) So all you sensitive left-wing meditating vegetarian men in touch with your feminine side can stop reading now. Wait a minute, that’s me!


Oh well, I’ll make an exception. First up cars and I took a short ride in Luke Hollis’s hot little Honda Civic Type R last week. I say ride, more like an adrenaline rush on wheels. Basically they are limited edition racing machines with a nod to road legality.

Honda has a proud reputation of producing beautifully engineered, ergonomically satisfying cars and the Type R comes direct from their track or treat department, their very own Joy Division.

The pocket rocket revs to nearly 9,000  and produces  254 brake horsepower from a 2-litre naturally aspirated motor, yes Mr V8 fan, a 2-litre 4. It howls like a banshee, rides on rails and has the useful ability to feel individual pebbles in the road. I’m still shaking.

Under this mild mannered exterior . . . .

I wrote recently about the world sailing speed record breakers  l’Hydroptère and pretender to the throne, Vestas. Both will hit over 50 knots under canvas or should I say under carbon fibre. I wondered what that was like on the water. Routine for some power-boaters I guess but for mere sailors, a big shock. My eldest has a 6.2 litre fuel injected V8 24-footer amusingly sold as a “family runabout.” We had a wonderful day out on the boat, cruising the magnificent Pittwater area in northern Sydney over the break.

With women, children and a nervous sailor onboard, we all kept the throttle a few revs over idle which still  pushed us along at a fair clip. Robin, however, couldn’t resist a few moments of full, fire-breathing thrust so he powered her up to just on 50 knots.

It was the fastest Annette and I had ever been on the briny and it was only my screams that prevented full on power turns and airborne activities. After a while I stopped whimpering and got out from the bilges. Good fun was had by all and I’m ashamed to say one of the grandchildren slept through it all. So the brave blogger survived another family day on the water . . . .

Robin has had his own fair share of hot wheels too, including a Ducatti, a M3, a Lotus Elise and an Ultima V8 but he’s calmed down somewhat these days and the bike’s for sale. One thing he’ll not be allowed to try is the new rocket powered “motorbike” land speed challenger featured in New Scientist last week. The beast aims to crack 640+ kilometres per hour, a fairly ordinary speed for a new Airbus but absolutely ridiculous for a motorbike. Check it out New Scientist 24/31 December “Jetting for Glory.”

Can I fit panniers?

Now I’m going to lie down for a bit otherwise I’ll get overexcited, misbehave and get sent to my naughty corner.

Oh yes, and the sex? - Sorry, it’s not allowed.