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Wild New Furniture

Twenty or more years ago I was quite well known as a cabinetmaker and I recently re-visited that era and made a few pieces as gifts. They caught on and neighbours ordered some oak tables and benches and we sold a few more in a local outlets.

Encouraged, I designed and built a couple of coffee tables and a couple of wild cedar plant stands. I enjoyed doing the plant stands – I sought to create a rather alien other worldly piece with a sort of 1930s move set look.

It was great fun and the first one is now on display (by appointment) at our yard. It’s lacquered and waxed and not really compatible with the everyday industriousness at the yard, so give us some warning and we’ll bring it in for you.

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Gerard’s Blog

If you’ve seen our NEWS page on the website you will have been introduced to our French builder, Gerard. He’s documenting the building of his Scintilla 24.

Retour de la boulangerie

Gerard insists that bread is essential for good work and so do we!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Scintillas, ever since I comprehensively beat a new “conventional” trailer sailer in one. Another owner went one further and beat a whole fleet of mixed club boats twice in two separate races.

Gerard, based near Toulouse, will be exploring the Canal du Midi from Gironde which leads to the Bay of Biscay through the famed Canal du Midi out into the Mediterranean. Just the ticket, we thought – we’re badly in need of a cruise in the South of France!

Gerard’s blog is listed in our blog links, otherwise click here!


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