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He’s Back!

Yes, I’m back! Preaching, ranting, cajoling, bribing and occasionally amusing. After three months off I’ve managed to get a blog entry together. It wasn’t exactly a holiday mind, most of the time I’ve been working seven days a week on the new Sienna electric and a new Shimmy12. The result – both very nearly finished and I don’t mean “boatbuilder’s finished.” I mean real world finished. Very satisfying for all of us involved.

Bob, the new Shimmy owner, has decided to call her “Sister Kate” after the old song “I wish I could Shimmy like my sister Kate.” And to have to admit that I didn’t think of it is heartbreaking . . . . . . . the best name of all 72 Shimmys built so far, in my opinion. Check out the U Tube clip he sent us and the original risqué Betty Grable clip.

The new Shimmy incorporates a number of significant improvements. The keel is now dovetailed in section and shaped to a long foil. The rudder is re-shaped to give more lift , the keel coving is of a wider radius and the boat sections more shapely. The tiller is re-shaped, the floorboards wider and the lugs above the seat level have been removed. With the rig, the main incorporates our improved reefing system and complements the recently introduced MK II mainsheet horse.

The new Shimmy will also be available as a lithium powered electric version with a neat removable canopy carrying Solara solar panels. Also to be built for hire and, like Sienna, also built to earn her keep.

The photos illustrate the build process and will I hope, be of interest not only to our builders, but to anyone who loves boats. They illustrate the steps taken to ensure a lovely smooth bottom – one you immediately want to caress.

The sanding tools shown are all hand made for specific tasks – flat, rounded, padded or unpadded in four different grades of paper from 60 to 240 grit.

When coating is complete we wait for the 2-pack to harden then use 2000 grit paper and polishing compound to achieve the (hopefully) mirror finish. But that’s not for a week or so. Stay tuned.

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Sienna – Still Sanding, Derek Still Standing

Still can’t get Derek back to the blog – apparently shaping Sienna’s canopy and making cedar whatnots is more important.

Owner Chris is still here, doing things with cables and setting up her splendid dashboard with assorted gauges.

It’s all planing, shaping, sanding, fitting but as you can see she’s looking good and we’ve very happy with all her lovely details. We can’t wait to see Sienna sashaying across the waterways with all her gleaming cedar and polished brass – she’ll certainly turn heads!

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