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Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Annette here again and here’s Sienna at the show displaying her shapely stern. Yes, we made it with the help of our loyal team – Blake Whittaker, Chris Ellard, John Mansi and the new Sienna owner Chris Baker – thank you for doing the long hours.

Sienna at Sanctuary Cove

The canopy went on only hours before the 8 pm bump-in deadline and is yet to be completed along with many other trim and finish details but she did look beautiful and she had plenty of admiring attention. Many thought she was the star of the show . . . .

The Canopy Goes On

We always said we’d never ever take an unfinished boat to a show again but we should have known better. The very first time we did this was at the Southampton Boat Show in ’95. We shipped a Scruffie 16 kit over by sea, allowing enough time to complete the boat in Derek’s friend’s garden at Leigh-on-Sea. As it turned out the shipment was delayed but we put the boat in frame, hired a truck and set off. As with the Sienna, most were able to fill in the gaps and visualise the end result. As a result of the show we had our first feature in Classic Boat magazine, so it was well worth it.

The Torqeedo stand was even bigger and better this year and many we spoke to on the Sienna stand were already aware of Torqeedo’s powerful electric outboards and not surprised to see the Cruise 2 in the Sienna’s outboard well. Chris Baker helped out on our stand as well as the Torqeedo stand – he has The Torqeedo Shop at Newport on Pittwater where the first Sienna solar-electric will earn her living as a tour and hire boat. He’ll be offering some “awesome deals” so it will be a great way to try electric boating and the Sienna.

Now that the show is over it’s back to work to finish the Sienna – we’re looking forward to posting some photos of the completed boat. I’ll be looking forward to Derek writing his own blog again and to regaining my fingerprints which appear to have been sanded off in spite of my masking tape thimbles.

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Sienna and Salad

Work continues apace on the Sienna with all the pre-fabricated components – cedar beams, lightweight timber veneered panels, cockpit coaming etc now being fitted to the hull.

It’s all very exciting – lithium batteries, solar panels and even a composting toilet have arrived at the yard as well as new owner Chris Baker. Chris has spent some time with us over the last few weeks discussing various aspects of his new boat and doing LOTS of sanding and coating to help us get the boat ready for the Sanctuary Cove Boatshow 19-22 May. See what Chris has to say about the Solar Boat Project

Meanwhile Derek has been working 24/7 and barely has time to cook my dinner – yes, that’s right, after a hard day at the yard we haul ourselves home, tired and dusty and then the miracle of my dinner happens – how he does it I don’t know! I’m not really allowed in our kitchen  . . . . . . that’s his territory. So I have no secrets to reveal but here he is flourishing the pepper grinder!


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