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A Slap on the Wrist

And I deserve it! I haven’t been posting much on the blog this year – we suddenly got really busy and it looks like more of the same. I’m not complaining mind, there are plenty of good boatbuilders rending their garments right now, what with the bankers’ recession, floods, plagues, tempests and sundry acts of climate abuse.

So there’s not much been going on blog-wise but here’s a cheap easy way out for me – some new photos and some excellent computer renderings by Dene Waring of Earthstory.

The photos show John and Lynne’s hull now complete, ready for them to trail back home for the cabin and fit-out. Johns a ship broker with ancestors who sailed Thames Barges so there’s no pressure to do a good job  . . . . .

Stornaway 18 Back Topsides, Epoxy Antifoul Below

Stornaway 18 Ready for Cabin and Fit-Out

The Sienna hull has been de-waxed following release from moulding duties. The hull is now midnight blue with a laser plotted cherry red boot topping. We built her as a composite of marine ply frames, oregon keel and cedar strip planking.

Sienna Hull and Sailing Keel

A beautifully fair hull if I may say so myself, but quite why anyone would want to build a small boat of strip planked cedar is quite beyond me. It was a long and laborious process with hours of fiddling with little bits of coved and rounded cedar and resin everywhere. At least the bulkheads were and integral part of the job – I can’t imagine the horrors of building a whole strong back and then throwing it away afterwards. I do see the point with larger boats but for me, never ever again.

Sienna is now ready for turning and final fit-out – we’ll polish the hull once the keel’s on and she’s ready for launching. This one’s the sailing version but we’re also close to getting an order for the first electric one. Fingers crossed and we’ll try to get at least one of them done for the forthcoming Sanctuary Cove Boatshow at the end of May to present our first purpose built commercial/private boats – yes that’s right – Sienna is the perfect hire/tour/family boat!

So that’s it for now. Do try to be nice to your other half and she’ll let you buy a lovely new Sienna – just tell her the boat will pay for herself – your money for nothing and your ship’s for free.

Sienna 19 for Commercial or Private Use

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